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<Consortium> began back in the days of Everquest before moving onto World of Warcraft where it quickly became the Number One raid Guild on Runetotem (EU) getting server firsts in all Raid Tiers from Vanilla through to Sunwell Plateau before eventually disbanding.

Keeping the name, we started <Consortium> during headstart of Rift in February 2011 and are currently ranked at Max level 25 (EU first) and are one of the biggest Guilds on the Zaviel (EU) Shard

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Rift 3.1 - Storm At Sea trailer

by slipmatt, 4 days ago

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Ungolok Down

by slipmatt, 9 days ago

After a few nights of painful wipes, annoying first boss in the 10-man Rhen of Fate is dead, loot was a Mage DPS ring, gratz Apacs.

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Leviathan Zone Event

by slipmatt, 11 days ago

Testing the new Volan type Event called Leviathan on the PTS

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Bulf down

by slipmatt, 45 days ago

Our second night in Mount Sharax lead to Bulf (all four of him) finally meeting his demise, next up, Jinoscoth

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