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<Consortium> began back in the days of Everquest before moving onto World of Warcraft where it quickly became the Number One raid Guild on Runetotem (EU) getting server firsts in all Raid Tiers from Vanilla through to Sunwell Plateau before eventually disbanding.

Keeping the name, we started <Consortium> during headstart of Rift in February 2011 and are currently ranked at level 30, EU First and World second, and are one of the biggest Guilds on the Zaviel (EU) Shard

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Merry Christmas from Trion, here's your free T3 piece

by slipmatt, 72 days ago

Sure to have the l33t pros in tears, confirmation that we'll all be able to pick a DPS or Tank piece of T3 gear soon just for chasing zone events   




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Rift 3.4 - Into the Wilds Video Trailer

by slipmatt, 126 days ago

A bit short, but here's the launch trailer video

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Solo this Wacky

by slipmatt, 127 days ago

Here's one of the Open World weekly raid bosses in Plane Touched Wilds, who could resist that cuddly, welcome smile, watch Wacky solo it! twisted

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by slipmatt, 132 days ago

A sneak look at the big, bad Teth who awaits you at the end of the epic Plane Touched Wilds saga

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