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About Consortium

<Consortium> began back in the days of Everquest before moving onto World of Warcraft where it quickly became the Number One raid Guild on Runetotem (EU) getting server firsts in all Raid Tiers from Vanilla through to Sunwell Plateau before eventually disbanding.

Keeping the name, we started <Consortium> during headstart of Rift in February 2011 and are currently ranked at Max level 25 (EU first) and are one of the biggest Guilds on the Zaviel (EU) Shard

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New Launcher

by slipmatt, 40 days ago

You slacks get an exclusive look at the new Games Launcher Trion will be introducing soon.
Say hello to Glyph

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Free range Eggs on the menu

by slipmatt, 65 days ago

Second serious attempt on the Eggtenders in Planebreaker Bastion produced some sunny side up eggs, as usual, all Cleric drops twisted

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Clearing trash to get our first look at what's next on our radar ate up the rest of our time, but say hello to Proteus

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What Do we say to the God of Death?

by slipmatt, 80 days ago

Finally, after a few weeks of wiping the God of Death keeled over to the might of <Consortium> twisted

Great job everyone

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The Bloodfire Stronghold

by slipmatt, 81 days ago

Set inside parts of Infernal Dawn, this is a 5-man instance you can only access after getting a 'key' to drop from Bloodfire zone events. You will be auto mentored to fight bosses at level 15, 30 and 60

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